Queens of Wigs' mission is to take women from hectic to haute hair instantly. Here at Queens of Wigs we are changing lives one wig at a time. We take you from the wiggy look to a more comfortable natural look. You have the opportunity to design your own wig with wig expert, Yondel Benjamin. We help transform everyday Queens by creating a piece that fits their busy lifestyles. Something reliable and versatile.

We have affordable prices and offer flexible payment plans. Additionally for your convenience insurance consultations are provided.

We currently serve those that have experienced hair loss which includes and is not limited to…

• Alopecia clients
• Lupus clients
• Cancer Survivors
• Trichotillomonia clients
• And Wig Fanatics

It is our duty to create flawless crowns that make you look and feel better.

Reveal your inner diva with our lace-front wigs from Queens of Wigs in Hartford, CT . We have the most undetectable Remy lace wigs that you have ever seen. You can kiss the regular old store-bought lace wigs goodbye forever. Contact Us to learn how you can have Beyonce hair with our custom made wigs.

Its no secret that there are crappy wigs on the market we provide no such thing! For your best appearance we use a strategic ventilation technique to ensure the longevity of your investment. Please do not hesitate to e-mail us today at yondel@queensofwigs.com  I look forward to hearing from you and creating the crown of your dreams. 



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