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Meet Mane Mogul Yondel, Founder & Executive Wig Designer of Queens of Wigs:


Yondel has had an infatuation with hair extensions since the late 90’s when she started to experiment on herself while in middle school. Yondel always considered coiffure to be a form of art, where individuals could express themselves through hair. She had a great gratitude for hair extensions because after a bad relaxer, Yondel’s thick long tresses broke off leaving her edges bare. It was hair weaves that rebuilt her self-confidence.

Yondel always knew that her love for hair and education would somehow seamlessly evolve. Her respect for wigs grew when she was in college. While working on her Bachelor’s degree in English and Secondary Education at Utica College of Syracuse University she didn’t have time or money for regular salon visits. To stay fashionable, look, and feel her best she played around with wigs. Upon graduating Yondel’s love for wigs evolved and Queens of Wigs was conceived.

Yondel wanted to learn it all when it came to the artistry behind professional wig making so she sought education only from the best where she later invested in training  with industry leaders Hadiiya Barbel, Wendy Williams former wig designer and owner of Celebrity Weaves and Wigs Tarsha Woods.

While wig designing Yondel yearned to add more to her services. She intertwined her two passions: her love for hair and educating others in one by offering educational services. In order to promote healthy hair solutions, Yondel has extensively studied and continues to research wig artistry to create the most realistic and comfortable yet harmless glue-less hairpieces. While testing lace wig applications, she didn’t care for lace adhesives, they were sticky and scratchy. Her clients shared the same level of discomfort. Yondel aimed for an alternate solution where her clients would be able to look great yet feel great at the same time too and she created the Wig Making Made Easy Technique that enables her to flawlessly create comfortable custom glue-less hair units that are known to help promote hair growth.

At 30 years of age Yondel is catapulting the wig industry by storm, she has come up with innovative methods like The Wig Making Made Easy technique that she teaches in her instructional DVD that is currently available for purchase, she has created a wig wealth curriculum that will be available in training schools in the Winter of 2016.

Yondel holds the key to wig industry and she’s not going to unlock it alone. It is her mission to educate as much woman as she can through hair. Stay tuned for what Yondel has in store as she continues to build her hair empire.



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