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Crown Clique: New Marketing Checklist Alert

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Uncertain About What Freebie to Give Potential Clients??? 

Do you start sweating bullets when marketing experts tell you that you need to offer your potential client something for free? You freak out because hair isn't cheap. You start doing the math. If you give 1 free bundle per person then that'll take all your inventory, so you start thinking okay I can give hair samples. Then you think, what can my client really do with one bundle or a .5 oz of hair anyway. 

While going through the brainstorming process, you get confused and start to feel stuck because you don't have the funds to give your products and services away for free. 

Stop the madness! 

Listen hairpreneur marketing your hair business doesn't have to be hard.

However, the marketing experts are right. In order to stand out and attract more clients you do have to offer something.

There's a lot that you can do to wow your potential client and turn them into customers and all of these things are free. 

We created a hairpreneur checklist exclusively for you. As a hairpreneur myself, I used to sweat bullets when marketers would mention free offerings for potential clients and I felt like what they were saying couldn't apply to my business because I made wigs so there was no way, I was going to be giving away handmade ventilated wigs for free.

If you want to attract more clients without breaking the bank then grab the Hairpreneur Freebie Checklist by clicking here.  

How to Keep Your Wig on Fleek In The Summer Heat

Phew its hot. I don't know if its because I am pregnant or what, but lately I am always hot. The heat is unbearable at times, but I won't dear let this heat come in between me and my hair. If you are feeling hot and bothered, but want tips to stay cool all while keeping your [...]

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Are You Bold Enough for Blonde

Battle of the Blondes   Photo Credit: From TheYBF.com via 2017 BET Awards   Its no secret that blonde blunt bobs are trending this season. They were recenly rocked by Cardi B, Blac Chyna, Tamar and Karreuche Tran, LaTosha Scott of Xscape. Blondes showed out at the BET awards. Tamar rocked a blunt blonde bob with a bang [...]

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Wig Watch: 3 Short Wigs That I am eyeing for the Summer

Wig Watch: 3 Short Wigs That I'm Eyeing This Summer  Its feeling hot hot hot! Now is the perfect time to go short with these fierce wigs. Here's a few short pieces that I have been eyeing.  1. Carey by Sensationnel. This copper 350 color is everthing. Special thanks to Dionna Marguerite with her beautiful self for putting [...]

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The Only 3 Accessories that I need to Go From Basic to Baddie

The Only 3 Accessories that I need to Go From Basic to Baddie  There's nothing wrong ith accentuating your beauty. I'm not big on makeup cause I don't know how to apply it, but here are a few accessories that I use to quickly step my game up and yes they are mom approved cause you [...]

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New Application Alert

New Application Alert! Don't you hate that line of demarcation when wig wearing? Want to learn how to camoflauge that? Watch Freedom Couture's video if you want to make your application flawless. Yes, its a new technique and it is glueless. Grab your Got 2 B Glued gel, a wig cap, makeup, scissors.  and some patience!Try this new [...]

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Holiday Hair for The Girl On The Go

Thanksgiving is almost here! Part of me is thinking yaay because I am a foodie. The other part of me is thinking yikes because I haven't started buying any of my ingredients yet and if you are last minute like me, you probably didn't book your hair appointment yet either (double yikes). Many hairstylists are [...]

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Workout Wig Advice from Wendy Williams

So you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle but you don't want to walk around with your hair looking like you just left the gym. Want to know some helpful hair tips on how you can have flawless hair yet still hit the gym? Read on to find out more. Wendy Williams is very open with [...]

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Haute Hair Looks for the Fall

It's wig weather. I love this season because its time to bring out the wigs. There are a few trending looks for the fall. Let's discuss 3 new looks that you'll fall in love with this season. 1. This fall texture is in. Try big and curly. Recently, Kerry Washington donned the Donna Summer hair [...]

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This Shampoo and Conditioner Combo Will Have Your Hair Smelling Yummy!

This inexpensive shampoo and conditioner combo will have your hair smelling like strawberries and cream. I love a good shampoo and conditioner that leaves me hair feeling and smelling good. Recently, I went to a fair with my family and my hair ended up smelling like the grille. I had to wash my hair and [...]

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