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OMG can you believe that new method is not sewn down, glued down, taped down and I don't have on an elastic band. So what the heck is it that holding down my wig so securely? Read on to find out this latest celebrity wig secret!I have been playing around with a new method. I [...]

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4 Ways to Make Your Wig Glueless

Girl, if you are still clueless about glue-less wigs then you've been missing out. Please read on to get up to date. One of the biggest lace wig myths is that they need to be applied with glue. You already know I'm about healthy hair. Below are some alternative solutions for wearing your wigs as [...]

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Why I'm Not About The Half Wig Life

Listen, ,I have a love-hate relationships with half wigs and I am okay with that. Recently, I did a poll on IG asking  wig wearers if they prefer lace fronts or half wigs. (If you are not following us on IG yet, next time on there please be sure to stop by TheWigTeacher's page and say [...]

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4 Sizzlin' Short Hairstyles for the Summer

Want to look hot but stay cool this summer. Look amazing this summer with these 4 instant cuts. Sizzlin' Cut # 1: Keyshia Wig Get ready to turn heads when wearing Keyshia. She's for the bold girl with the superstar mentality. This style was inspired by Keyshia Kaoir who wears a dope cut just like this. Sizzlin' Cut [...]

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Wig Making Just Got Easier

I am so excited to share this content with you. I try to keep you up to date with the latest hair innovations and this is something that will change the wig game. There's a new cap in town that makes wig making a lot easier. A bonus to this is that its a glue-less cap [...]

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The Perfect Work Wig

 Yes, this is another bob wig, but read on to find out what's so great about this one. Technically it is a lob. In case you are wondering what the heck a lob is???  Lobs are part of the bob family. They are pretty much a longer version of a bob and they are currently trending. [...]

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How To Pick a Statement Color

Most of my life I have always wanted a statement color. You know when you ave a friend or relatve that looks so good in blonde but it doesn't look good on you and you want to know well what's my statement color. Or that friend that tells you black is not their color and you [...]

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The Hair Color That Looks Good on Just About Everyone

Looking for a new color. Something not too bold but just right. A color that's safe to wear to work. A color that will get you noticed in a good way? Have you tried the color 99J. This color is gorgeous, its rich yet subtle. It looks great on most complexions. I have yet to meet a [...]

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Your Guide to Longer Lasting Curls

                                             Curls are youthful, flirty and fun. But when you curls start to drop and get frizzy you start to look cray cray. Read on how to make your curls last longer. This technique will [...]

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4 Low Cost Ways To Switch Up Your Do In The New Year!

Happy New Hair! A new year means new hair, but with the holidays behind us we may be a little strapped for cash so here are 4 low cost ways that you can switch up your new do for the new year and look like it cost a lot of money. Instead of investing in a new [...]

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