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The Lowdown on Natural Hair and Wigs

It has come to my attention that many naturalistas think they cannot wear flawless wigs because they do not want cause heat damage to their natural tresses by trying to make two different textures blend. What if I told you this is false information. Look below to find out the truth about being natural and wearing [...]

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New: Natural Custom Unit Details

Read the deets on my latest piece: The harsh winter weather forced me to create a new flawless crown (wig). I had to put my bob to rest. I created this custom crown over the weekend using The Wig Making Made Easy Technique.  I am wearing it bone straight, I really wanted to curl it but hubby [...]

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Queens of Wigs Was Part of Tweet's Glam Team

We are very honored to have created the fabulous custom units for the Return of The Hummingbird: Tweet's Birthday Celebration took place is Philadelphia over the weekend. However, it took a skilled beauty team to put it all together. Thanks to Dyaze owner of SNOB Couture Hair.The custom unit was perfectly styled by hair extension [...]

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Review: Hair Grip

Not everyone can wear a wig cap. Do you not feel secure with a wig cap or looking for an alternative for a wig cap. I had the opportunity to review the hair grips and I love it. The hair grip is comfy. It comes in black, nude and brown. Who Should Use It: I suggest the [...]

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Nene's Wig Broke The Internet

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans are not a fan of Nene's mushroom wig featured on the recent episodes. Nene continues to wear this wig throughout the show. This wig has broken the internet with several meme's like the one above. Hair is very controversial this season on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Nene and Claudia Jordan hashed [...]

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Hair Hate: A 12 Year Old Girl With Box Braids Cyber Bullied because of Her Hairstyle

You know the feeling you get when you come home from the hair salon and you are really feeling your new look. There's something empowering about getting your hair done. Especially when trying a new look and you love the results. This leads you to want to share it with the world. Imagine being 12 [...]

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Buyer Beware: Your "Virgin" Hair May Not Be Human Hair Period and It May Be Goat Hair!

Chinese vendors are replacing human hair with goat hair to save money and pretty much rip people off. Most of us grew up hearing jokes about weave hair being made out of horse hair. However, did you ever here a connection between human hair and goat hair?After reading this, you will definitely question your virgin [...]

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3 Warning Signs to Look Out for When Wig Wearing

 Hey wig wearer! What could possibly make wig wearing hazardous. They are convenient, easy to wear, prevent stress on your hair, discrete and practically a style in a box. All hair procedures come with warnings, we just want you to be aware and on the wig watch for the following wig warnings. 3 warning signs to [...]

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Are You Sitting On A Pile of Money in Your Hair Business?

Hairpreneur, You are sitting on a pile of money and don't even know it! There are several ways that you can generate income from your hair business but you are too busy focusing on the mainstream things that you don't even see it. Whenever, I do a consulting session with a client, I dig deep. I take [...]

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Hair Cutting Cop Rehired?

Remember the viral video showing the cop that took it upon herself to abuse her power and chop an detainees hair? The woman's name is Charda Gregory. This took place in February 2013 in Detroit. At the time they fired the cop - but they have rehired the cop. The hair pulling cop's name is Officer [...]

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