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Crown Clique: New Marketing Checklist Alert

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Uncertain About What Freebie to Give Potential Clients??? 

Do you start sweating bullets when marketing experts tell you that you need to offer your potential client something for free? You freak out because hair isn't cheap. You start doing the math. If you give 1 free bundle per person then that'll take all your inventory, so you start thinking okay I can give hair samples. Then you think, what can my client really do with one bundle or a .5 oz of hair anyway. 

While going through the brainstorming process, you get confused and start to feel stuck because you don't have the funds to give your products and services away for free. 

Stop the madness! 

Listen hairpreneur marketing your hair business doesn't have to be hard.

However, the marketing experts are right. In order to stand out and attract more clients you do have to offer something.

There's a lot that you can do to wow your potential client and turn them into customers and all of these things are free. 

We created a hairpreneur checklist exclusively for you. As a hairpreneur myself, I used to sweat bullets when marketers would mention free offerings for potential clients and I felt like what they were saying couldn't apply to my business because I made wigs so there was no way, I was going to be giving away handmade ventilated wigs for free.

If you want to attract more clients without breaking the bank then grab the Hairpreneur Freebie Checklist by clicking here.  


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