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How to Keep Your Wig on Fleek In The Summer Heat

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Phew its hot. I don't know if its because I am pregnant or what, but lately I am always hot. The heat is unbearable at times, but I won't dear let this heat come in between me and my hair. 

If you are feeling hot and bothered, but want tips to stay cool all while keeping your hair on fleek then read on...

4 Easy Tips to Keep Your Hair on Fleek in The Summer Heat:  

1. Spray it

Walk with a small spray bottle. Its wet and wavy weather. In order to maintain sultry waves you need moisture. You can mist your hair throughout the day. Grab a small spray bottle from your local pharmacy or the beauty supply store. Put water, conditioner and a drop of your favorite oil in it. 

2. Go Short

Now is the best time to try a short wig. There's so many options and short hairstyles are trending. If you need help with this check out this blog post on short affordable wigs by clicking here

3. Use Another Method for Baby Hairs

No need for gel or glue to mold your baby hairs. Next time you wash your unit, you can mold your baby hairs down with mousse and let it dry. Once its dry the baby hairs will lay nice and flat on your head. I love this technique as I don't like a lot of product on my wigs especially melting in the heat! 

4. Go Glueless 

There's no better time to go glueless than in the summer. Avoid the glues and adhesives, they will just irritate you. To avoid the itch get a glueless wig. You can grab one from Luxe Lace Lounge. All of our stock pieces and handmade pieces are glueless. 


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