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Topaz Hair Initial Review

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I recently tried  Topaz hair by Vivica Fox its 100% organic human hair and here are my initial thoughts.


  • The hair is super sleek
  • Its easy to straighten
  • The luster is perfect not too shiny
  • No issues tangling 
  • Super affordable 


This hair is not popular in local beauty supply stores as it should be. 

It cost about $40 a pack. You can get it online. I didn't find it in my local beauty supply stores. I suggest calling and asking if your local BSS has it. If not you can get it online at Amazon   Click here now to get it.

Other things to Mention:

On the package its stressed that the hair will not tangle or shed. I didn't experience tangling, but I experienced minimal shedding, but I did tweeze the closure and cut the tracks so I will keep you posted. 

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