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Why Crochet Wigs Are Bae

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You've seen these styles just about everywhere. From super curly looks to tapered cuts.Crochet styles are trendier than ever. Usually your natural hair is braided and then aditional hair of your choice is crocheted in. Also, we can't forget about the braidliess crochet technique. This process can take anywhere from 1-4 hours depending on the style. When it comes to crocheting the possibilities are endless! If you love crochet  styles then why not wig it?  

We've stepped up our crochet wig game and the pieces look more natural and are extremely comfortable. The cap we use has improved. It is lightweight, stretchy and has combs. The look is more realistic it now comes with a lace part to make your wig even more believable. 

Crochet wigs are bae because they are easy to maintain and extremely affordable. Check out our crochet wigs by going here.  


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