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My Thoughts on The "New" Quick Wig Method

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I wanted to share my thoughts on a new wig method from a veteran wig designer's perspective. I think the 
"new" technique is bomb and you should never stop learning. 

I'm putting "new" in quotes because their is nothing really new about it in my eyes. It is a remixed wig making technique. The quick weave technique has been around for a minute. Let's call it innovative instead of new. 

The thing that makes it innovative is that someone was bold enough to actually glue a lace closure on to a wig cap. The thing I love about learning new technique is that you can remix them into your own. 

I love this new technique and I will be using it more often on myself and if my clients desire it. 

The pros to this technique 

  • Its very easy to do 
  • You can create a wig in 30 minutes 
  • It has a flawless finish 
  • These wigs fit like a glove since they're made on your head 
  • No lumps and bums if done right

The Cons 

  • This technique will not last as long as a sew in wig 
  • Don't use expensive hair with this technique 

My Wig Cents

I don't advise you use this technique with high end hair. Pack hair is just fine. I really like the Vivica Fox Topaz hair. You can click here to get it

I don't suggest you use a new closure either, recycle a closure or piece of lace to achieve this look. 

Learn and play around with as much techniques as you can. Everyone wants something different. Its good to be able to offer a variety of techniques. 

Though this technique won't last as long as a traditional sew in there's still a lot of value in it. 

If you want to learn how to easily make wigs by hand then check out our Wig Making Made Easy DVD which is available for instant download by clicking here. http://www.queensofwigs.com/digital-wig-making-made-easy-dvd/


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