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The One Thing That All Girls Going Back to College Should Pack

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Yesterday, my little sister left for her final year at Temple. It amazes me how we become pro packers and the list gets smaller and smaller each year. My freshmen year, I remember feeling like I packed my entire world with me only to find out on my first night 5 hours aways from home that I forgot to pack shower shoes. Let's just say it wasn't fun until I could get to the nearest Walmart to buy some. 

My hair was styled in a full head weave, which I hated, the color was all wrong and the weave was nappy. I thought I was all set. Only to be proven wrong. I went to school in Utica. NY there were no stylist that specialized in black hair. I missed a lot of events my freshmen year because my hair wasn't done. 

My father always says its what's in your head not on it. Though this is true, I strongly believe that college is equally about learning through experiences as it is about learning through the classroom. You can't learn much through experience by staying locked up in your room bad hair day after bad hair day. 

Also, college students usually barely have funds to think about constantly doing their hair. So many females have to face the task to learn to do their hair themselves their first year of college or find a home girl on campus that can braid. 

Honestly, I did know how to weave my own hair in a partial weave, but it became timely and costly. Virgin hair wasn't as popular or affordable as it is today, so I invested in a lot of packs of Milky Way hair which isn't reusable. Also, I experienced breakage due to using excessive heat in the front of my head to make sure my hair blended flawlessly. 

After getting tired of missing event after event and not really feeling myself period. I did something that I never thought that I would do... 

I bought a wig! Yup my first wig. 

This is a shocker and most weave addicts can relate. There is a big difference between a full head weave and a wig. With a weave you feel secure. You know its not going anywhere for months. Though once you start wearing wigs you realize that they can be secure to. That wig saved my life and then I became addicted. 

When my little sister first took off to college, I tried to convince her to get a wig and she refused. She walked with the u-wigs that I made her but that led to breakage due to heat damage. Then she did the big chop and realized she wanted a wig for when she couldn't upkeep her cut. Freshman and sophmore year she wasn't into wigs, she was so used to weaves, but once she got herself a custom wig she became an addict. Of course she made me make her one to go back to school.

My advice to my ladies heading to college this year, please invest in a custom wig. They will never fail you. Your hair will always be done and they are a great protective style. Plus you don't have to worry about blending leave out and heat damage. They are a great protective styles as long as you don't ignore your real hair. 


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