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Workout Wig Advice from Wendy Williams

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So you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle but you don't want to walk around with your hair looking like you just left the gym. Want to know some helpful hair tips on how you can have flawless hair yet still hit the gym? Read on to find out more. 

Wendy Williams is very open with her wigs. She strongly believes that there's a wig for every occasion. Watch this video clip from her show to see what she has to say about her workout wig. 

Other Workout Hair Suggestions: 

Rock a Turban 

Can't do a turban then by a pre-made turban

from Crowned in Royalty 

Rock a short wig 

Wear a curly wig 

Need a workout wig. Join My Wig Wardrobe so that we can personally select one for you. 


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